Using Google Analytics to Improve Website Design

Having a website without using an analytics tool is like trying to drive somewhere new without a map or GPS.  There is no way to know where you want to go or how you can get there.
compass wave analyticsAs a business trying to create a web presence or a company just trying to better utilize its existing online presence it is very important to find ways to make improvements.  One way that we at Compass Wave suggest doing this is by using an analytics tool.  An analytics tool is one of the many methods that exist to figure out exactly what your visitors are looking for on our website. Google Analytics is free to use for anyone that has a Google account and is the most commonly used example of such a tool.  Google Analytics is a very user-friendly way to track your visitors’ behaviors. The reports provided by Google Analytics give information on where your visitors came from, what pages they visited, how long they stayed on each page, how deep into the site they navigated, where their visits ended, and where they went after visiting your website.

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Compass Wave’s Online Estimate Tool Video Tutorial

Check out Compass Wave’s Online Estimate Tool Tutorial Video!
It’s easy to use, and a valuable tool for your cleaning business. Have you ever wanted to use an Estimation tool for your cleaning business, but were never sure how to use it? Here at Compass Wave we want to be sure you understand our product, which is why we’ve created tutorial videos to walk you through each feature of our software. Check out our Maid Service Software tutorial video below to see how our tool can easily work on your cleaning business website today!

We also offer many other User Guides which will help you in learning the benefits of using our Online Estimate Tool for Residential Cleaning Companies.

About Compass Wave

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Compass Wave Estimate Tool
Compass Wave’s goal is to provide service companies with an easy to use customer relationship management tool. The first tool we have developed is our automated online estimation tool. Companies can place this estimation tool on their website and receive estimates from prospective customers with no additional effort. In the future we hope to provide service companies with the ability to create electronic quotes, work orders and invoices. Compass Wave will also give companies the ability to create or enhance their online presence.
The online estimation tool is a valuable way for service companies to reach prospective clients. For the customer of service companies, this tool makes it easy for them to receive an instant online estimate. It is important to note that the Compass Wave estimation tool is not simply a promise to a prospective customer that they will receive an estimate in the near future. Instead, the tool uses company provided cost drivers and customer provided inputs about the level of service required to carefully calculate an instant online estimate.

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Thank you for taking time to visit the Compass Wave blog. We know how valuable time is these days and we hope that your time spent here is valuable. For our opening blog entry, we would like to share our mission and a bit of information about our product. In the future, we look forward to using this blog to communicate with you about everything from product features to how customers are utilizing our tools to current events in the industry.

The mission of Compass Wave is to provide a valuable product to help your business save time and money. By utilizing our Maid Service Estimating Software, you can sit back, relax, and let the potential leads come in!

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