How to Scale Your Moving Company

When starting a moving company business from scratch, growth is the first step to building a foundation and expanding from it. This phase can look like hiring your first employees, retaining your first customers, and announcing your brand to the public.

However, with most companies, there comes a time when you begin to feel stagnant with your growth and need to find alternative tactics to sustain your moving company business. This is where scalability steps in. The strategies you’ve used up to this point are no longer effective, and you feel you need to tap into your team’s potential.

Here are five actionable steps to scale your moving company while maximizing your resources and increasing your return on investment:

Lease moving trucks until you can purchase your own

Leasing moving trucks can be an effective option to save money until you have the capital to invest in your own trucks. A new semi-truck can cost between $40,000 to $120,000. In comparison, leasing a used truck ranges from $800 to $1,600 per month. So use this temporary solution as a means to an end.

Network with professionals who have relationships with ideal clients

Networking is the most important strategy for growing your professional relationships and customer base. Research local apartment complex owners, real estate agents, and building managers to connect with. Network online or in person at community events. These are the people who are in client-facing roles and have relationships with your ideal audiences. Another method is thinking of businesses whose customers you’ve helped in the past.

Revise your contracts to be clear and detailed

Reviewing your contracts will allow your moving business to run smoothly. Ensure frequently-asked questions and discrepancies are laid out in detail within the contract. Outline your services, the timeline in which they occur, and when payments are due. When customers sign a contract, everything will be communicated clearly to reduce confusion and disputes.

Streamline business processes

Even though moving is a physical job, that does not mean you must complete all business processes manually. Many services are available to help automate the process and focus your attention on other tasks, such as growing your business and customer base even more. Compass Wave is a customizable lead generator for your moving business. We can also handle your estimating for you!

Request testimonials from positive customer experiences

One of the easiest ways to scale your business is to request a review from satisfied customers. If you show them exceptional customer service, they will be more inclined to take a few minutes to fill out a review or survey form to show their appreciation. If you are comfortable, you can also request that they leave a review on third-party sites such as Yelp, Facebook, or Google. This will give you a boost ahead of competitors by displaying proof that your customers view you as a trusted moving company.

You don’t need to fear scaling your business and taking the next step. The secret is to have a plan and actionable steps to reach your business goals. If you are ready to take that next step in your moving company’s journey, try a free trial of our automated services by clicking here.