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Compass Wave Referral Program

Refer one person who stay on past their free trial period get a one-time discount and you'll get $25 towards your next invoice.

Here's the whole process:

First, you sign up for Compass Wave. If you haven't already done this, you're missing out! Click here to get started with our 14-day, no-commitment, free trial.

Next, head to your account settings and either send an invitation directly by entering a contacts email address or copying your unique URL.

Give that referral code or unique URL out to all of your service-owner friends and get them to enter it when they sign up.

Once the required conditions are met, you will automatically receive your rewards!

This referral program is subject to Compass Wave's Referral Program Terms and Conditions. If you're interested in referring others and getting the prize, please read them over.

Don't hold your business back any longer.

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