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Landscaping Services

Estimate and lead generation for Landscaping companies

Ready to take your landscaping business to the next level? You need to start with the right lead generating and estimation software. Searching for leads, quoting jobs, and maintaining a client database can be cumbersome and time-consuming without the right tools.

What is the most common challenge entrepreneurs in the lawn care industry face?

Time management.

Compass Wave was designed for businesses that maintain numerous customers and consistently complete jobs quickly. Constantly taking phone calls, performing site visits, quoting in-person, and manually organizing a client list is extremely time consuming. With Compass Wave, you don’t have to worry about that. We get the work done behind-the-scenes so you can focus on your landscaping jobs and deliver a wow experience.

While the software has many features, there are three components that ultimately lend themselves to the lawn care industry.

Lead Generation

We understand how important it is to always have new leads on the horizon in the landscaping industry. With the Compass Wave lead generation software, you can capture leads through your website or social media pages with a unique, customizable embedded widget. Once it’s set up, you won’t have to lift a finger.


With our intelligent software, leads are responded to quickly with an estimate that meets the prospect’s specific needs. Compass Wave's signature feature is the estimate tool. Once leads are captured, the software alerts you with prospects so you can follow up and provide them with an immediate estimate or a personal conversation if you choose.

How can this benefit lawn care services specifically?

The software is completely customizable. When creating your questionnaire for prospects, you can get specific to your business and the information you’re hoping to collect. Questions like “Have you hired a landscaping service before?” or “What type of lawn care services are you looking for?” are great to include and help organize leads behind the scenes.

Based on the questions, you can set up different costs associated with the specific services your landscaping company offers homeowners. For example, “How many acres need mowing?” or “How many trees or shrubs need trimming?” Each of these questions can have a specific cost associated with it, so you never miss out on an opportunity!

Customer Database

Gone are the days of manually keeping track of your customers. With this easy-to-use software, you can organize, track, and manage leads from estimate to payment with a sophisticated CRM tailored to your landscaping business.

You can also use Compass Wave’s software for invoicing and scheduling.

These features are just a snapshot of everything Compass Wave can do for you. Running a landscaping business means you are generating leads and turning them into profit while simultaneously providing a quality and efficient product for your customers.

Compass Wave can make life easier by managing customers from the initial lead to the final invoice. Taking advantage of this business managing software can double your time and sales.

We will do the work for you.

Generate leads and turn them into sales

Compass Wave helps you manage your business with easy-to-use estimating software for less than the price of your weekend coffee.

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