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Spend less time on the phone generating manual estimates. With Compass Wave you can automate quick, accurate, customized online estimates directly from your website

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Generate leads and turn them into sales

Compass Wave was specifically designed for industry service providers just like you. Start generating leads and estimates in minutes. Make money and save time with Compass Wave


Save time doing in-person home service estimates


Passively generate hundreds of leads. Let Compass Wave work hard for you.


Extremely simple to add to your website or Facebook page

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Features of Compass Wave

Collect the information that’s important to your business and focus on providing your service, not performing estimates.

Generate Leads

Capture leads through your website or social media marketing with your customizable embedded widget.

Customer Database

Organize, track, and manage your leads from estimate to payment with your sophisticated CRM.

Estimate Tool

Weed out the price-shoppers by leveraging your unique lead-capturing estimation tool.

Email Notifications

Connect with your customer base with detailed notifications every time a potential client creates an estimate.

Drag and Drop

Simple, drag and drop form creation.

Quick Quote Tool

Stop the phone tag and instill loyalty in your customers with in-person or over-the-phone 60-second quotes.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields to create accurate estimates.

Cost Matrix

All new comprehensive Cost Matrix based pricing options. Easily execute your pricing strategy.

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We think it's a great tool, but don't just take our word for it:

Generate leads and turn them into sales

Compass Wave helps you manage your business with easy-to-use estimating software for less than the price of your weekend coffee.

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