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Specifically designed for residential cleaning companies just like you, our maid service software is very easy to use and only takes a few minutes to set up.

Easily tailor questions to your prospective customers to help determine how the estimate is calculated.

"Thank you Compass Wave for making our estimating process much easier for our potential clients. This tool is perfect for the 'I want it now' homeowner looking for costs after business hours."

- Gina Marie Bring, Carnation Home Cleaning

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Save time doing in-person home cleaning estimates

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Affordable month-to-month or yearly pricing

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Easy to use and incorporate into your website or Facebook page

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Collect the information that's important to your cleaning business and focus on cleaning, not performing estimates.

Maid Software - Embed on website Estimate Tool

Our estimate tool allows you to create estimates without an in-person evaluation.

  • Change the appearance of the estimate tool.
  • Utilize the calculation PDF to build more accurate estimates.
  • Evaluate your questions and cost drivers.
Maid Service Software - Online Estimates Online Estimates

Add questions to customize your estimating tool for your business.

  • Embed the estimate tool directly onto your website.
  • Generate online estimates and turn prospects into customers with ease.
Maid Software - CRM Customer Database/CRM

A list of all prospects that have utilized your estimate tool.

  • Convert prospects into customers and track them in separate sections.
  • Click on any prospect to see more information, including the estimate.
  • Exporting capabilities with detailed information on every estimate!
Maid Software - Email Notifications Email Notifications

Your cleaning business will receive an email notification when an estimate is created.

  • The prospect will receive the estimate via email and PDF.
  • The cleaning company will receive the estimate via email & PDF.
  • Easily follow up with any prospect by simply replying to the email.
Maid Software - Scheduling Scheduling

Estimates can now be scheduled using our easy-to-use calendar view.

  • Easy to use drag & drop calendar.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly & agenda view.
Maid Software - Quick Quote Quick Quote Tool

Quotes can now be easily created using this feature.

  • Run a quick quote in 4 simple steps.
  • Backend quote tool for in-person and phone quotes.
  • Emails are not sent automatically when quotes are run.
Maid Software - Custom Questions Custom Questions (New)

Our estimate tool gives you the power to ask your potential clients questions specific to them.

  • They can affect the estimated price.
  • They personalize the tool, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Learn more on the custom questions page.
Maid Software - Invoices Invoices (New)

Now you can invoice your customers and charge them directly from Compass Wave!

  • Compass Wave doesn't take a cut of your profit.
  • You can easily email your invoices to your customers and keep track of your payments in Stripe.
  • Learn more on the invoices page.
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"Compass Wave has proved a marvelous online estimate tool for our perspective customers. Not only does it avoid working blind when customers call and insist on a ball park figure, which is predicated on so many variables, but it also allows the customer to compare market prices in their own leisure time."

- Peter N., Green World Home Cleaning

"We absolutely LOVE Compass Wave! It is easy to use and provides us with the perfect platform to capture customer information and follow up on potential leads. Thank you for designing such a valuable tool!"

- Tania B., Cornerstone Cleaning

"I love the fact that people who are super busy can get an online estimate. If I don't hear from them, I can easily follow up with an email or a phone call. People who don't want to take the time to call or when we can't be reached can use the online estimator. I am getting a good return for the cost!"

- Coleen T., Home Happy Cleaning

"I'm so happy and have been getting estimates where I wouldn't have. I'm able to capitalize on the folks that are visiting my website. I should have done this a long time ago. And I am able to retain more contacts for other marketing funnels."

- Susie D., Two Maids & a Bucket

"It is helping us in grow our company. It has paid for itself the 1st week of using it. We have placed it on website. Has been great service for us."

- Shanacee M., RCC Professional Cleaning

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