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Paving Companies

Estimate and lead generation for Paving companies

Are you ready to grow your paving business? To take a step in the right direction, you need lead generation and estimating software to put you ahead of your competition. The most time-consuming part of your business is searching for leads, quoting new work, and maintaining a client base for repeat jobs. This can be a very frustrating experience without access to the right tools.

What is the most common challenge business owners in the paving industry face?

Time management.

Compass Wave is designed for businesses just like your paving business. We know you want to maintain and grow your client list and quickly focus on turnaround paving jobs. Spending time constantly answering the phone, performing on-site quotes and inspections, and organizing your client list can negatively impact your schedule. You no longer have to sacrifice precious hours when you use Compass Wave. We address all these tasks allowing you to focus on delivering outstanding paving services to your clients.

Our software contains an entire suite of tools. However, three components can positively impact your paving business.

Lead Generation

Finding leads is perhaps the most important part of your business. Without leads, you’re not working, and if you’re not working, your business isn’t making money. So how can Compass Wave help? It’s simple! By embedding our customizable widget on your website or social media pages, you’ll be generating leads without having to lift a finger.


Once you have leads in your pipeline, Compass Wave’s signature estimate tool takes over. Once leads are captured, you will be alerted to the prospects you have gained, and from there, you can handle the estimating process in several ways. Our tool allows you to provide a customizable form that will live on your website or social media pages. This helps streamline the estimating process. Of course, you can always call or visit your leads for that personal touch.

Customer Database

The days of manually maintaining a customer database are a thing of the past with Compass Wave. Instead, our easy-to-use CRM allows you to organize, track, and manage leads from the estimating process through job completion to payment.

There’s even more!

These are just the tip of the iceberg on how Compass Wave can help your paving business. In addition, you can schedule appointments, send invoices, take payments, track past dues, and much more. Compass Wave can make your life as a business owner much less stressful by giving you something back of extreme value… your time!

Let Compass Wave do the heavy lifting for you!

Generate leads and turn them into sales

Compass Wave helps you manage your business with easy-to-use estimating software for less than the price of your weekend coffee.

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