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Moving Companies

Estimate and lead generation for Moving companies

Ready to take your incredible moving company to the next level? A crucial part of your success will be capturing additional leads and streamlining your estimating process. You’ve probably gathered that the most time-consuming tasks within your business are lead generation, quoting jobs, and keeping a well-organized client database. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a tool that could make these so much easier?

Time management.

Compass Wave is designed for businesses just like your moving company. Maintaining and growing your client list is critical to your business’s future growth. We know that you want to quickly turn around jobs without the distraction of constantly answering the phone, spending excessive time with on-site quotes, and manually organizing your growing client list.

Compass Wave’s software addresses all these needs while streamlining your business and saving you your most valuable commodity… time!

Lead Generation

Your number one goal in growing your moving company is generating leads. It’s likely your most time-consuming part of the business model is also generating leads! How can Compass Wave help resolve this? You’ll be amazed at how easily this can be done. Our embeddable widget can be placed on your website or social media pages, and soon after, you’ll be generating leads with little effort on your part!


Once you have a steady flow of leads coming in, your next focus should be on estimating jobs. With Compass Wave’s estimate tool, you’ll soon experience the joy of a streamlined estimating process. Our tool provides a fully customizable form that you can also place on your website, your social pages, or both. Of course, if you want to add that personal touch, you also follow up with calls and on-site visits.

Customer Database

Tired of wrapping your arms around your ballooning list of leads? Our easy-to-use CRM allows you to track, organize, and maintain every lead that enters your pipeline. You’ll be able to manage every lead from the beginning of the sales journey all the way through to job completion.

That’s not all!

The solutions we offer to help your moving company don’t end there. You can schedule appointments, send invoices, take payments, track past dues, and more. Compass Wave provides the tools to do the heavy lifting so you can return to doing what you enjoy. Plus, we save you a valuable commodity… time!

Generate leads and turn them into sales

Compass Wave helps you manage your business with easy-to-use estimating software for less than the price of your weekend coffee.

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