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Pest Control

Estimate and lead generation for Pest Control companies

Do you own a business that specializes in pest control? Are you trying to find a way to attract new customers while efficiently managing your most valuable resource - time? One of the hardest things about running a business is balancing the amount of time needed to generate leads, estimate job costs, and maintain communication between clients and the business. It can feel downright overwhelming, but with the right tools and the right software it’s possible to scale your business in less time.

The Problem

Compass Wave was created to solve numerous problems for business owners and service providers in a wide variety of industries. Running a pest control business is not always easy, but it is possible to save time on some of the mundane and repetitive tasks that fill the daily to-do lists. Generating leads and estimating jobs is the most effective way to earn more revenue and create the successful business you want. Finding a solution to generate leads and create estimates online without having to go onsite is truly valuable!

The Solution

With the ability to customize software for lead generation and estimations, your pest control business will be even more organized and managed with ease. Create intake forms for potential clients that include questions such as “What type of pest control services do you think are needed?” or “Is this space indoors or outdoors?”, so employees can more effectively manage upcoming jobs and customers can receive clear pricing estimations.

We understand that pest control is a demanding industry and requires time in and out of the office, so why not make the most of your time and give Compass Wave a try!

Generate leads and turn them into sales

Compass Wave helps you manage your business with easy-to-use estimating software for less than the price of your weekend coffee.

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