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Maid Services

Estimate and lead generation for Cleaning companies

Are you ready to grow your cleaning business? The first step in business growth is finding new customers. Efficiently generating leads, estimating jobs, and maintaining a client database can be cumbersome and time-consuming without the right tools. However, utilizing the right estimation software designed for maid services is a great way to to generate more revenue with less work.

What is the most common challenge business owners in the maid services industry face?

Lack of time.

Compass Wave was designed for service providers who have numerous customers and consistently complete jobs quickly. Answering leads over the phone or providing in-person estimates can be overwhelming and take a lot of time out of your busy schedule. Compass Wave does the work for you and passively generates leads so you can focus on getting the cleaning job done.


Compass Wave's signature feature is the estimate tool. This lead-capturing machine alerts you with prospects so you can follow up and provide them with immediate feedback in the form of an estimate. With this tool, you are provided a customizable form that can live on your website or social media pages.

From there, your new lead clicks the link and the software takes over.

How does this benefit cleaning and maid services specifically?


The software is completely customizable. Within the estimate form, you can create and personalize questions to collect the information most important to your cleaning business. Questions like “Have you used a cleaning service before?” or “What type of cleaning services are you looking for?” are great examples of questions to include that help you price accurately and organize leads based on your sales and growth goals.

Since every maid service is unique, the software can be tailored to any pricing model, including number of rooms, square footage, and even the number of windows that need to be cleaned. By utilizing a customizable form that CompassWave offers makes sure you get paid for the services you offer customers.

Additional Features

Schedule appointments, send invoices, take payments, track past dues, and process your leads from start to sale directly in your Compass Wave account. It also manages subscriptions and customized pricing – all you have to do is get paid for your work!

These features are just a snapshot of everything Compass Wave can do for you. Running a maid service business requires you to constantly generate actionable leads and turn them into sales all while providing a high quality service.

Compass Wave makes life easier by managing customers from the initial lead to the final invoice. Taking advantage of this business managing software can double your time and sales.

Let us do the work for you.

Generate leads and turn them into sales

Compass Wave helps you manage your business with easy-to-use estimating software for less than the price of your weekend coffee.

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