Cleaning business software

Cleaning Business Software

There are many reasons you should use cleaning business software for your maid service company.  How many hours would you estimate that you are spending on doing In-home estimates? Our guess is that you’re spending atleast 15-20 hours a week of your time doing these types of estimates.

Here are some reasons why you should use our cleaning business software:

  1. You can place our Estimating Software on your website which allows you to collect more detailed information such as square footage, and details about their home. It’s unlikely a potential customer will provide you this information in a traditional contact form.
  2. Customize the pricing of our software and place our tool on your website to capture leads for your cleaning business.
  3. With our cleaning business estimating software you are able place our estimate tool directly on your Facebook page to collect potential leads from Facebook!
  4. You don’t have a website or can’t afford one. With our software you don’t need one to have a web presence and be able to collect potential leads online!
  5. Organize prospective and current customers in an easy to manage online database.
  6. Customize what questions you would want to ask a prospective customer for your cleaning business.
  7. Call a prospective customer with detailed information on their estimate to offer any sales incentives, etc to close the deal more quickly.
  8. Vew the details of the calculation to see how the estimate was created. You can fine tune your pricing on the backend based on these calculations.
  9. By using cleaning business software you are leveraging technology to help your business grow.  Check out some of our Customer Success Stories on how it’s helped their cleaning businesses grow!
  10. Usability of your website will improve, because you can integrate our software on your website and replace those clunky forms no one fills out.

 So what are you waiting for, sign up for our 14 day Free Trial Today!

Supporting your business one application at a time,

Mark Lane
Compass Wave

Add our Maid Software to Facebook

Did you know you can add our Maid Service Estimating Software to your Facebook Page?

Our Maid Service Estimating Software can now be added directly to your Facebook Page! We now have the capability for you to collect estimates directly from Facebook! By doing this you can easily capture more leads directly from your page without having to drive traffic back to your website to collect their information.

Follow the steps below to add our Maid Service Estimating Software to your Facebook page. If you are not a page admin on your page, or don’t manage your own page, then you can send this article to your admin.

  1. In order to add HTML to Facebook, the first thing you will have to do is add the Static HTML module to your page.
  2. You’ll then need to Add a Page Tab and select the page you’re adding the tab to.
  3. Click “Add Page tab” and Edit Tab.
  4. You’ll then want to put in the URL that you are planning on embedding. For our estimating software you’ll want to grab the URL from the appearance section, which you can see in our Online Estimate Tool Appearance Tutorial Video.
Add our Maid Service Estimating Software to your Facebook Page
Check out our Estimating Tool on our Facebook Page!


The steps above can actually be used to embed any website to Facebook, however the website needs to be protected by a secure certificate. In the fall of 2016 we added more security to our software, and this allowed us to embed our tool directly on Facebook. Contact forms are important, but by using our Estimating Software you are actually collecting more detailed information on your potential customers.

During any of these steps, if you have any questions you can reach out to our Support Team at any time by visiting the Contact Form or by using the chat from anywhere throughout our website.

Supporting your business one application at a time,

Mark Lane
Compass Wave

Building a website for your Cleaning Company

Do you have a website for your Residential Cleaning Business?

When consumers like you are interested in a product or service, they usually search for those products and services that they are interested for on the web. So why wouldn’t someone who’s interested in Residential Cleaning Services do the same?

Having a website for your business will help your business grow, and our Online Estimating Software Compass Wave makes it easy for customers of service companies to receive an estimate. You might be wondering what makes our Estimating Software different than a contact form. The number one feature is that your customers can price shop and in turn are more likely to go through a tool which gives them a price, rather than wait to hear back from you via email or phone.

Our company has over 10 years of experience developing websites and custom software solutions. It only made sense that we created website packages that are both affordable for a cleaning business to get themselves on the web, but also include a license to our Estimating Software as well. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get your business on the web, and start getting Estimates Online Today!

Below is the companies’ pricing for the packages we offer:

Compass Wave website plans

Supporting your business one application at a time,

Mark Lane
Compass Wave

Did you avoid the “Mobile-Geddon” update?

Did your website pass the “Mobile-Geddon” test?

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, then it will no longer show up in mobile search results.  Luckily Compass Wave is Mobile Friendly! 89% of mobile search uses Google, so this update will likely affect your business if you’re not ready.

If you have a website you’ve likely heard of the new update that Google has recently rolled out. The update basically rewards businesses that have stayed on top of their websites and puts mobile friendly websites in front of users. This only makes sense because with the increase in mobile search, users are likely to leavea  website faster if it’s not mobile friendly than if it’s mobile friendly.

Google has released a tool to allow you to easily check if your website is Mobile Friendly –

We were on top of this change, and about a month ago our Residential Cleaning Software was updated to make it mobile friendly. Our estimate tool is now accessible on all mobile devices.

These are some of the things we did to make our Estimate Tool Mobile Friendly:

  • We Resized images for mobile devices to make them more visible.
  • The font size throughout our website was increased for mobile users.
  • The login was modified to make the input easier to use
  • Our menu was converted from a horizontal navigation to a clickable dropdown.

Here are few tips to make your website Mobile Friendly:

  1. Make Navigation Easy. You can make your navigation easy by converting your menu to a dropdown.
  2. Use CSS to make your website responsive and mobile friendly.
  3. Increase the font size on your website.
  4. Remove un-necessary information.  Sometimes what shows up on your desktop website, isn’t important for mobile users.
  5. Make important information visible and in front of your users.

If you have any questions regarding our Residential Cleaning Software and it’s recent mobile friendly update please contact us today.

Supporting your business one application at a time,

Mark Lane
Compass Wave

Compass Wave Trademark

Compass Wave Trademark

Compass Wave Trademark Press Release

We are proud to announce that Compass Wave has officially been accepted as a Trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We have added the Registration Mark to our Logo and next to our Products Name. Trademarking our Residential Cleaning and Maid Service Online Estimate Tool was the next step in our investment in which we believe is a great product for the Residential Cleaning and Maid Service Industry.

Compass Wave is a product developed and owned by Eco York, LLC, a Web and Custom Software Development Company.  In April 2012 Eco York, LLC  purchased the rights to Compass Wave through a partnership they had started in 2010. Check our our Blog entry on Compass Wave Moving Forward, which outlines how we’ve improved and invested in Compass Wave during the past few years.  Part of our recent addition to help Cleaning Companies understand how easy it is to customize our product are our Online Tutorial Videos.

The Compass Wave Trademark is something that we believe helps solidify our commitment to continually investing in our product. Don’t worry the product Terms and Conditions will stay the same!

We want to thank our current customers for utilizing our Online Estimate Tool for Residential Cleaning and Maid Service Companies.

Supporting your business one application at a time,

Mark Lane
Compass Wave

Why should you be doing Online Estimates?

Maid Service Software - Cleaning Supplies ImageIf you own a cleaning business you likely do all of your estimates by visiting the home. This concept seems normal, and the standard for not only cleaning businesses but other types of businesses that perform home services as well. However the concept of homeowners waiting for someone to come to their home to receive an estimate is changing.

Think of Blockbuster Video. Years ago everyone who wanted to watch a movie would make a trip to the local movie box store to pick out a movie. With advancements in technology, and the need for wanting movies on demand this dynamic has drastically changed. Anyone who is interested in a movie would rather purchase or rent the  movie right from the comfort of their own home, instead of venturing out into a box store to pick one out.

This is also true with wanting quotes and prices for other items as well. Potential Customers want the instant satisfaction of know what something costs, and the ability to schedule that repair, service, or purchase that item right away. Think of any online shopping website, or stores that offer purchases online.

So you may ask, Why should you be doing Online Estimates? The answer is simple, a Potential Customer wants to know how much you would charge to clean their home before they even reach out to you in the first place. Potential Customers are going to shop around, and why shouldn’t they? This is a competitive period of time where businesses compete for potential customers. Potential Customers also want the instant satisfaction of know what different companies are going to charge for a home cleaning.

You might also say that you’d rather speak with the customer on the phone to close the sale. With an Online Estimate Tool anytime a Potential Customer goes through the tool you will receive an instant email notification with their contact information (Name, Address, and Phone Number). With this information you can reach out to the Potential Customer directly, and also have access to details of what you might not normally know with a cold call, or without first doing an in-home estimate (Square footage, Number of pets, Number of Bedrooms, Number of Bathrooms, How many times they entertain, and more!).

The Online Estimates might not be for every Potential Customer, but it does target a specific audience. That audience consists of the “Easy People”. This group of people are going to be the ones that utilize the tool and provide you with as many details to get the most accurate estimate possible. So even though not all of your Potential Customers are going to go online to get an estimate, why not atleast reach out to the Potential Customers who will? After all having a few extra homes to clean can only help increase your businesses bottom line, especially if those extra homes are the ones that are easy to schedule, and keep track of through an online estimate program that is always at your finger tips.

Check out our Compass Wave Sample Tool or visit our Online Video Tutorials today to find out more about how Compass Wave can help your Cleaning Company join the others that are on the “Cutting Edge” and don’t let those “Easy People” get away!

Supporting your business one application at a time,

Mark Lane
Compass Wave

Compass Wave Moves Forward

Maid Service Software - compass wave redesign 2013

Redesign and now an ARCSI Industry Partner

Compass Wave Moves Forward in 2013. In the past year Compass Wave has gone through a number of changes. As of April of 2012 Compass Wave is now owned by Eco York, LLC, a Web and Software Development Company located in Central Pennsylvania. Since the acquisition, Compass Wave has been revamped and recently went through a re-design. In the re-design we wanted to make it easier to find our Online Tutorials, as well as explain what our product was about right from the landing page. Our Color Scheme was also changed slightly to catch the readers eye and encourage users to dig deeper into what our tool is all about.

After our Redesign we also found it suitable to finally become an ARCSI Industry Partner. As an Industry Partner we wanted to give back to other ARCSI members, and that’s why we are offering 10% off for all ARCSI Members. All a member has to do is browse to our Industry Partners page from the ARCSI Website and obtain an ARCSI discount code. By using this code they’ll receive 10% off, whether that’s for a Monthly Subscription, or a Yearly Subscription. And don’t worry, you can still try our product for 14 days at no obligation. Cancel anytime during the 1st 14 days and you’ll have no charges applied to your account.

In 2013 Compass Wave is going to continue to grow and Move Forward. Stay tuned for further developments in our product, and how we continue to help the Cleaning Industry as well as other Service Based Industries.

Supporting your business one application at a time,

Mark Lane
Compass Wave

Uncomfortable with Estimating Online?

During a recent conversation with the owner of a household cleaning business, they revealed, “I am just uncomfortable with providing a customer with an estimate online.” I have to admit that this was not the first time I heard this concern when discussing Compass Wave’s Online Estimation Tool. Typically this apprehension stems from the fact that a service is best priced by speaking with the person that is requesting the service and/or seeing the place where the service will be performed. However, having the ability to provide prospective customers with an ESTIMATED RANGE for your services can open the door for you to move forward with a prospective customer in developing a more precise quote.

To further explain, we must consider the difference between an estimate and a quote. An estimate is an APPROXIMATE calculation of the price of a service to be provided while a quote, on the other hand, is a SPECIFIC calculation of the price of a service to be provided.

It is made clear on all Compass Wave estimates provided to prospective customers that the estimate is only an estimated range. All our estimates have a statement that says, “Note: The prices listed above are estimated based on assumptions about your residence and your service needs. We will be contacting you to make an appointment to walk through your home and provide you with a quote for your desired services.”

Also, we allow service companies to set a range for their estimates. This gives them a big target to hit when attempting to estimate the price of a service provided.

We feel that by clearly indicating to the consumer of services that they are only receiving an approximate range of the price of the service to be provided, business managers can feel comfortable utilizing the estimate tool.

Gives your consumers what they want – an instant estimate for the services they desire.

Death of a (traditional) Salesman

Maid Service Salesman

It has been a difficult year for many of us.  Sales revenue is down, margins are down and the companies that were once dumb, fat and happy are now cash-strapped, frustrated and, well….still dumb.  Yes it’s a crappy economy and unemployment is at an all-time high, I will give you that.  But so what? Yeah, I said it – so what?!  Your market has shrunk, but so have the number of competitors.  Many businesses folded because they did not or could not find ways to add value to their core products and services.  They did not accept the fact that change was necessary.  It is not too late for your company to evolve its identity in this industry.  Here are thoughts to consider as you re-identify your company in today’s sales atmosphere.

What worked for your sales team last year, won’t necessarily work this year

The landscape is always changing and you need to adjust accordingly.  Hitting your sales projections last year was a great accomplishment, Continue reading Death of a (traditional) Salesman

Save Time | Automate Estimates | Increase Sales

In any business Sales are the most important function as they can determine how successful your business may become. Compass Wave’s Online Estimate Tool can get you there and more.

With Compass Wave you can sign up in a quick 3 step process, set a few Cost Drivers & Questions, and be on your way to increasing your Sales. Our online Estimate Tool is easy to customize, and allows you to place it on your website with Ease.

A contact form isn’t always enough to help you get to where you need to be to close a sale, but with our Online Estimate tool you can easily close a sale by contacting the customer right away and providing them with a fairly accurate Estimate without even leaving your office.
Continue reading Save Time | Automate Estimates | Increase Sales

Online estimates made easy