5 Ways to Market Your Cleaning Business Online

Cleaning Business Marketing online

Are you looking to implement fresh ideas on how to promote your cleaning business and gain more clients? The best place to do this is online. It’s no secret that nearly everyone spends a portion of their time online. It should come as no surprise that when people seek out products and services in the first place, they conduct an internet search. Knowing that, let’s take a look at five ways to market your cleaning business online. 

1. Make your website conversion-focused 

The focal point of your online presence for your cleaning business should be your website. In modern terms, it serves the same purpose that business cards, brochures, and salespeople have in the past. It’s the main gateway to potential clients learning about you and the services you provide. Think of your website as a guide that moves visitors to take action. Be clear on what services you offer and have a strong call to action. Add an incentive piece for first-time clients, such as a certain dollar amount discount on a first-time cleaning. 

2. Optimize your Google Business Profile Listing

Formerly known as Google My Business, Google Business Profile listings are free, and if you are not taking advantage of yours, you are missing out on some golden lead generation opportunities. Start by first making sure that all your business information in the listing is correct. Next, optimize the listing by using keywords in the areas of cleaning you specialize in. 

3. Use Facebook for residential marketing

Want to generate new residential-type leads? Facebook is a great resource to do this. Create a business page with all of your contact info, “about” information, and job pictures. Next, activate Facebook Messenger. As prospects see your page on Facebook, many will reach out via Facebook Messenger to contact you. Don’t be afraid to test out and run a few Facebook lead generation ads. You can target household incomes, family size, and life changes such as a recent move or a new baby. 

4. Use LinkedIn for commercial marketing

LinkedIn is the best platform to utilize when targeting commercial leads. Business professionals use LinkedIn as their platform of choice for networking. A good place to start after setting up your profile is to connect with office managers who decide on the cleaning services. You can also place targeted ads to these individuals on LinkedIn. 

5. Emails

Collect emails from current clients and add more emails as you grow. Emails are gold for your business. However, don’t abuse them. You want people to stay on your email list. So only email them with things such as monthly updates about our business or current specials you may be running. 

Implementing one or all of these online marketing strategies will have you well on the way to building out your client list. To learn more about our services and how we can help your cleaning business, visit us at https://compasswave.com/.