4 Steps to Optimize Your Cleaning Service Website

opitmize cleaning service website

Owning a cleaning business entails many things. From staffing to scheduling to landing clients, you wear a lot of hats! One area you should not neglect is your website. With today’s current trends in marketing, your website serves at minimum as an online brochure, relating all the details about what your business can do to meet your clients’ needs. You can also add much more to your website and put your best foot forward. With all that being said, you want to ensure your website is updated regularly. This process is known as website optimization. Here are four steps to optimize your cleaning website. 

Keyword research

Optimizing your website starts with keyword research. Any marketing strategy should begin with this step. Using a tool such as Google Keyword Planner, you will find keywords that people search the internet for, relative to your industry and your location. Look for words that have high search numbers and low competition. Write these words down exactly as they appear. You will need a good list of words for the next step.

Create exceptional content

Position yourself as the authority and go-to source for all things cleaning by writing some great copy for your website. Extend this to blog posts as well. Here’s where those keywords come in. Include words off your keyword list in all copy and in every blog post you write. Remember, these are words people are searching for. Incorporate them into your copy so that your website shows up in search results.

Tweak page titles

What are the names of the pages of your website? One trick to try and get your website to show higher in searches is to use keywords in your page titles. Specifically, use the #1 keyword on your list. This doesn’t have to be complicated; something simple like your business name and the keyword will often work. 

Secure your website

Ensuring your site is optimized also requires that you make sure all your website’s plugins are updated. This serves a few purposes. First, it ensures your site runs smoothly with the latest versions of any plugins you have installed. Things not working properly? It’s likely an out-of-date plugin. Secondly, this also makes sure your site is secure. Hackers can utilize out-of-date plugins to wreak havoc on your website. 

Following these four steps will ensure your website is optimized and ready to draw clients to you. Sound complicated? We can help! Take advantage of our website maintenance plans that keep your website running at its best. To learn about our services and how we can help your cleaning service, visit us at https://compasswave.com/.