Cleaning Estimate Form

Cleaning Estimate Form

Do you have a Cleaning Estimate Form on your website? Anyone who owns a Cleaning Business knows that it’s important to get as much information from a prospective client prior to having to visit their home to provide an estimate. In the past having a Contact or an Estimate Form was enough to be able to provide accurate estimates for prospective customers. The problem with an Estimate Form is it still requires you to perform the work involved with quoting out the work.

Cleaning Estimate Forms can have as many or as little questions as you want, but you still need someone with Technical abilities to put together the form on your website depending on what platform you are using. The Cleaning Estimate Forms also usually never are able to be customized with pricing abilities which would deter prospective customers from possibly even filling out the form in the first place.

With very little technical skills our Maid Software allows you to choose the Questions you ask a Prospective Customer and associate those questions with the appropriate cost drivers. We then provide you the ability to customize the look and feel of our maid software and provide you the code which you can then Place on Facebook or your website. If you don’t have your own website, you can still use our maid software!

When you use our Maid Service Software you are allowing your customers to obtain an Instant Estimate and the detailed information is then sent to your fingertips to close the sale.

Our maid software is very affordable and can save your cleaning business time and money compared to performing manual  in-home estimates. If you need help customizing our software, or would like to learn more about how our maid software is better than a standard cleaning estimate form contact us today!

Don’t forget we are also an Industry Partner of Arcsi as well!

Supporting your business one application at a time,

Mark Lane
Compass Wave