Tips for Hiring the Best Employees for Your Cleaning Service

Hiring the best employees for cleaning

Do you want your cleaning service to be successful? Then you need to make certain you hire the right employees. The entire hiring process can be a daunting one. Not only can it be time-consuming, but it also requires patience and a good sense of what you need for the position. However, hiring the right people will go a long way toward helping you achieve your business goals. Here are some tips for hiring the best employees for your cleaning service.

Establish a process

The first key to success is having a formal hiring process. This will help you ensure you have a uniform process for all applicants. Create detailed job descriptions for each position in your company. This way, you have it ready to go when your hiring needs develop. Next, develop a plan for advertising your open positions. After all, no one will apply if they have no idea you are hiring. Once you have these in place and applications are coming in, it’s time to interview.

Ask open-ended questions

Avoid asking questions during interviews that can be answered with a simple yes or no. Open-ended questions will require the applicant to provide insight into their personality or how they deal with certain situations. These answers are key to you making a good hiring decision. During the interview, let the applicant do most of the talking. Remember, this is a short time frame to make a big decision. Also, avoid giving out too much information in your questions. You want to know the applicants’ thoughts, not how they can pick details out of your questions. 

Determine work ethic

Someone with a great personality can be a plus, but at the end of the day, you are looking for someone who is committed and completes tasks. Try to establish whether they are independent, self-motivated, and hard-working. These are the traits you are looking for and are of most value to you as an employer.

Additionally, keep in mind that a cleaning position can be physically demanding. Therefore, you will need an employee who can handle the workload. 

Perform a background check

Background checks are standard practice these days. They are a good way to ensure you hire honest and ethical people for your business. 

Prepare for orientation and training

Just as important as hiring, you want to have an established orientation and training process. Some of the biggest reasons for employee turnover are lack of training and improper training. You do not want to fall short here. Invest the time in your new hire, and you will be rewarded with hard-working and loyal employees for years to come. 

Following these helpful tips will help you fill your openings with the best employees you can find. Once you have the right employees in place, it’s time to look at other aspects of your business, such as estimating, invoicing, and scheduling. See how we can help your cleaning service; visit us at