Systems that Will Boost Your Maid Service Business

systems that will boost your maid service business

One of the goals for any business is to find ways to grow. This can mean many things depending upon the business. For maid services, your goals are two-fold. The first is to increase your client base. The second is to automate and streamline your internal processes. Both will have a positive impact on your bottom line. Here are a few systems that will boost your maid service. 

Online Growth

As much as you may want to resist the notion, everyone is leveraging the world wide web. Chances are your competition is. If you are not, then it’s definite that your competition has a leg up on you. If you want to attract more clients then you need a presence on the web. To do this, you need a three-pronged approach. Have a dedicated website that can serve as your online brochure. Take advantage of social media as a great way to communicate with your current and future clients. Build an email list and leverage their inboxes as a way to keep them informed about your business. By implementing all three, you will be well on your way to boosting your maid service. 

Streamline Scheduling

When it comes to time-consuming tasks, scheduling your crew ranks near the top of the list. Scheduling can be an incredibly nerve-wracking task if you are trying to do it without using software packages. Utilizing the technology readily available to you will make scheduling and adjusting your schedule a breeze. Not only will it be less stressful, but it will save you time and money!

Go to the Cloud to Track Hours

Ensuring you have an accurate accounting of hours is essential for both payroll and tax purposes. Staff working in different locations on different schedules can make this a challenging task. Cloud-based software and scheduling tools available today are a lifesaver! Not only will it help your record-keeping, but your staff can focus on maid services rather than hand logging hours on a piece of paper. 

Automate Accounting

There are multiple sources available today to help automate payments and billing. At minimum, you should be using an electronic invoicing system. There are various options for payments within these systems, including credit card payments and bank transfers. With the options available, there is no need to handle cash again. Utilizing vendors that provide payment systems online provides you with peace of mind. You can be assured your payments will be received securely and on time. 

Every one of us knows that there are never any guarantees in life. However, implementing a few of the options above will give your maid service the boost it needs. Look at our resources and see how Compass Wave can help you automate your maid services today.