User Guide – How To Setup A Zapier Webhook Integration

(Example – SMS Notification)

You can easily integrate Compass Wave to your other services by using a Zapier webhook. First make sure that you have an account with Zapier.

Zapier is a third party software that specializes in connecting different software together. You can connect up to, and automatically send your collected data to Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Google Sheets, Gmail, Dropbox,  and Quickbooks to name just a few.

You need to make sure that you setup a zapier account before going into the steps listed below.

1. Login to your Zapier Account and click on The Dashboard. Click on “Make a new zap”. This will bring you to a page where you can then search for your trigger action. Here you will search and select “Webhooks by Zapier”.

Zapier webhook - compass wave

2.  Next you should  choose “Catch Hook”. Basically the trigger will look for new submissions every 15 minutes (you can upgrade your zapier account to decrease the amount of time). Click Save.

Zapier webhooks trigger

3. On the next screen it will ask you to Pick off a Child Key. This step is completely optional. You can skip this step as it’s not needed.

Zapier child key webhook - compass wave

4. The next screen it gives you a url that you will want to paste in Compass Wave. Do not click the next button until you are finished with step 5. The next step will outline where to paste the url in Compass Wave. Obviously, your url will be different than ours or anyone else’s. Please paste the specific url that you have on your screen. Make sure you copy the url in preparation for step 5.

zapier webhook url

5. Login to Your Compass Wave Account and go to the Settings->Tools-Integrations page.  In the Webhook field paste the url that you copied from zapier into Compass Wave. Then click Save.

Zapier webhook url - compass wave integration

6. Next you will need to open up your Compass Wave Estimate Tool URL, completely fill out your form, and submit until you get to the end. This is absolutely crucial that you fill out all of the fields in your tool. In the next few steps you will need to tell your Zapier Action where to map the data. If you do not completely fill out the Compass Wave Estimate Tool Form, then zapier will not import data that you haven’t mapped in the action. You can grab your URL under the Appearance Tab.

compass wave appearance

7. Once you have completely filled out your Estimate Tool and submitted, go back to your zapier account and click the button “Ok, I did this” to move onto the next step.

8. In the next step the trigger will go out and try to find the submission that you recently submitted from the Compass Wave Software. You will know the trigger found it when the green “Test Successful!” screen shows up. Next click the continue button and follow the next steps to add an action.

Setting up your Zapier Action

You can setup any number of Actions, but for this example We will be setting up an SMS action.

9. Very similar to setting up your trigger; you will need to search, find and select the action that you want. I have selected SMS and I want to send a new Text Message each time that a submission is comes through with the trigger.

zapier sms - compass wave

10. Next you’ll need to confirm your Mobile Number. This is all done within the zapier system. Once you’ve added your number, you can save and continue. You’ll then want to edit the Template with the information that was gathered through the previous steps.

zapier webhook sms setup preview

11. After you are finished mapping to your SMS Template, click continue. The next screen shows a summary of the mappings that you’ve done. Click Create & Continue to finish making your zap. After pressing continue, it creates a zap and sends a test though to your SMS Number. Check your mobile phone to make sure that everything mapped correctly and was received.

Zapier webhook test successful - compass wave

12. After you are done confirming your Text Message, press Finish to complete your zap and name it. It is important that you turn your zap on to activate it.

That’s it! You now have customized your Zapier Webhooks Integration with Compass Wave!

Remember there are 1000’s of Apps within Zapier that you can integrate with. Simply substitute the Action steps above with whichever integration you wish to use with Compass Wave.

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