Improvements & Features – Maid Service Estimating Software

We wanted to update you on a few improvements!

First we wanted to let you know that we will be attending the ISSA Interclean 2018 show in Dallas Texas this year! Please visit or share our Booth 1449.

Recently we rolled out some User Interface updates.

Compass wave now integrates with Quality Driven Software and includes a more modern look for our Estimating Software. We’ve also introduced some new Fields regarding your customer’s information that you’re able to update within our Maid Service Estimating Software. Including: Scheduled Service Date, Notes, Quoted Amount, Employees, and Job Completed.

  1. modern address estimating formWhen you open up your Estimate Tool you’ll notice we modernized the Estimating Form.
    • The field labels are now above the fields.
    • We’ve also updated the input fields look and feel as well.
    • When you view the Google Map you’ll notice it is now more interactive as you can click on the pin and see a more detailed view of the home.
  2. When logging into Compass Wave you’ll notice we now have an “Actions” Dropdown.
    • From this Dropdown you’ll be able to Export the full database in CSV format. This export includes ALL Prospects including the ones who haven’t completely gone through the last step of the tool. This information will be great to use for your re-marketing efforts (Mailings, etc.).
    • We have also added an Export specifically designed for Quality Driven Software. Quality Driven Software is a Customer Survey Management Software. Our Export allows you to export your Completed Jobs (which we’ll explain in our next update announcement below), by date range. You can then import this directly into their software to send surveys to your Customers. We plan to do a full integration with their software in the near future.
  3. When you View a Prospect in Compass Wave you will now see a “Pencil” icon. You can click on this icon and now update specific details for each Customer. By CLOSING the job, you’ll now see a checkbox next to the Details information as well as be able to export the information For Quality Driven Software (Only completed jobs are exported).

update details redesign compass wave

Did you also know that we have a Customer Referral Program? Our Referral program is named 3 For 3 and It’s FREE! Getting your renewal for FREE is simple! When you Refer (3) potential customers and they become a paying customer for atleast 3 months, as long as they continue to be a Compass Wave Customer, your next Compass Wave membership renewal is FREE!

compass wave modern login

When you log into Compass Wave just look for the “Refer a Friend” button in the top right and click the Facebook Share button, or email the referral code to any cleaning business that you network with that may benefit from our Online Estimating Software.

We have also been active on Facebook. Please visit our page to keep up to date with our feature releases, and tips regarding Leadership & Residential Home Cleaning.

If you have any questions regarding our recent updates, please contact us.

We would also like to thank our customers who have used our software and provided testimonials on how it has helped their cleaning business grow.

If you haven’t already, watch our FREE DEMO and see just how fast it is to create an instant estimate today!

Supporting your maid service business one application at a time,

Mark Lane
Compass Wave