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Thank you for taking time to visit the Compass Wave blog. We know how valuable time is these days and we hope that your time spent here is valuable. For our opening blog entry, we would like to share our mission and a bit of information about our product. In the future, we look forward to using this blog to communicate with you about everything from product features to how customers are utilizing our tools to current events in the industry.

The mission of Compass Wave is to provide a valuable product to help your business save time and money. By utilizing our Maid Service Estimating Software, you can sit back, relax, and let the potential leads come in!

Our interest in developing business tools is grounded in our belief that the landscape for lead generation and finding new business has evolved. We know that growing your business can be difficult as your customer’s needs evolve with the changing landscape of technology. We understand that your customers have more service providers to choose from, more buying power and more expectations.


Compass Wave provides cleaning businesses with an Estimating Tool focused around lead generation, as well as support and training services. We give you the opportunity to reach new customers with less effort and less time.


We strive to help you align your current business development strategies with your potential customers’ current needs. Our product supports all maid service industry companies; small or large; with or without a website.


To learn more about our product, please visit the How it Works section of compasswave.com.
Supporting your business one application at a time,
Mark Lane
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