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Save Time | Automate Estimates | Increase Sales

In any business Sales are the most important function as they can determine how successful your business may become. Compass Wave’s Online Estimate Tool can get you there and more.

With Compass Wave you can sign up in a quick 3 step process, set a few Cost Drivers & Questions, and be on your way to increasing your Sales. Our online Estimate Tool is easy to customize, and allows you to place it on your website with Ease.

A contact form isn’t always enough to help you get to where you need to be to close a sale, but with our Online Estimate tool you can easily close a sale by contacting the customer right away and providing them with a fairly accurate Estimate without even leaving your office.
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About Compass Wave

Maid Service Estimate Software
Compass Wave Estimate Tool
Compass Wave’s goal is to provide service companies with an easy to use customer relationship management tool. The first tool we have developed is our automated online estimation tool. Companies can place this estimation tool on their website and receive estimates from prospective customers with no additional effort. In the future we hope to provide service companies with the ability to create electronic quotes, work orders and invoices. Compass Wave will also give companies the ability to create or enhance their online presence.
The online estimation tool is a valuable way for service companies to reach prospective clients. For the customer of service companies, this tool makes it easy for them to receive an instant online estimate. It is important to note that the Compass Wave estimation tool is not simply a promise to a prospective customer that they will receive an estimate in the near future. Instead, the tool uses company provided cost drivers and customer provided inputs about the level of service required to carefully calculate an instant online estimate.

Welcome to Compass Wave

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Compass Wave Home Page

Thank you for taking time to visit the Compass Wave blog. We know how valuable time is these days and we hope that your time spent here is valuable. For our opening blog entry, we would like to share our mission and a bit of information about our product. In the future, we look forward to using this blog to communicate with you about everything from product features to how customers are utilizing our tools to current events in the industry.

The mission of Compass Wave is to provide a valuable product to help your business save time and money. By utilizing our Maid Service Estimating Software, you can sit back, relax, and let the potential leads come in!