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Compass Wave Estimate Tool
Compass Wave’s goal is to provide service companies with an easy to use customer relationship management tool. The first tool we have developed is our automated online estimation tool. Companies can place this estimation tool on their website and receive estimates from prospective customers with no additional effort. In the future we hope to provide service companies with the ability to create electronic quotes, work orders and invoices. Compass Wave will also give companies the ability to create or enhance their online presence.
The online estimation tool is a valuable way for service companies to reach prospective clients. For the customer of service companies, this tool makes it easy for them to receive an instant online estimate. It is important to note that the Compass Wave estimation tool is not simply a promise to a prospective customer that they will receive an estimate in the near future. Instead, the tool uses company provided cost drivers and customer provided inputs about the level of service required to carefully calculate an instant online estimate.
The tool can be seamlessly inserted into a service company’s existing website and it is completely customizable. Companies can tailor the questions that prospective customers are asked and can even determine how the estimate is calculated. Companies can also upload their logo, choose a color scheme and set fonts.
The tool is a simple process for prospective customers of service companies. An individual would first provide the location where the prospective services are to be provided. Then they would confirm or edit details about that location. Next the prospective customer would answer a few basic questions about the services they are seeking. Finally, they enter their contact information to receive the estimate.
The information about the estimate, as well as the customer’s contact information, is immediately e-mailed to the service company and stored in Compass Wave’s Sales Database. This database provides service companies with an online resource to manage their prospective sales. The sales database displays all estimates that have been generated. Companies can use the sales database to view information about prospective customers and contact prospective customers via phone or e-mail.
These features save service company managers valuable time and effort. Prospective customers browsing a website can instantly turn into solid leads for a service company through the estimation tool. To learn more about Compass Wave or to sign up, visit compasswave.com.