Increase Business with Online Estimating Software

increase your cleaning business with online estimating software

If you’re reading this article, you are very likely ready to take your cleaning business to the next level. The best way to do that? Scalable growth, or growing your business so that you can control it without becoming overwhelmed. One of the areas you will need to become exceptionally skilled at is estimating. Providing competitive estimates will gain you more clients. Making sure they are accurate will ensure you get paid what you should! So let’s take a look at estimating and how to increase business with online estimating software. 

Visit the site

One of the first things you want to do is visit either the home or commercial business and establish the job’s size and scope. This is one aspect of the estimating process you will want to do in person rather than remotely to fully understand the area needing to be cleaned. 

Estimate time

After reviewing the job site, you will want to estimate the time to clean. As you estimate more jobs, this will become much easier. Eventually, you will want to implement a standard formula of X square feet takes X hours to clean. You may want to charge a higher rate for the first or second cleaning, particularly if it’s a home that has been neglected for some time. 

Estimate labor

Is this a job that will take one of two staff members to complete? Consider that there is a bit of trade-off on extra hands versus time to clean. Also, always make sure you leave room to pay yourself. You are the business owner, after all!


Don’t overlook any supplies that may be needed for this job. Adding about six percent to the job should cover any supplies you might need. Pay particular attention to any special requests by the client and additional supplies that may take. 

It may take you a few rounds of estimates to dial in your pricing and get comfortable with the process. This is where online estimating software comes in handy. Everything we mentioned above is done manually. Though this process can work, it also extends the time from estimate to closing the deal. Utilizing new technology to streamline processes in your cleaning business, such as estimating, is a smart way to go. 

The estimating software at Compass Wave gives you the ability to collect information from clients quickly while being able to react and respond with immediate feedback. Our online estimating tool allows you to maximize lead generation right from your website. 

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