Online Estimating Software

Benefits of Online Estimating Software for Maid Services

Running a cleaning or maid services business requires owners to continually look for areas of improvement, build relationships, and be flexible. Being flexible includes being open to a new way of tackling the everyday activities of running a business like creating quotes and providing estimates. Through the years, many companies have changed the way they approach this task by utilizing online estimating software. While technology increases efficiency and creates better outcomes for businesses, some owners still question whether it is worth the investment.

There are several benefits to using online estimating software for your cleaning business. We’ve put together the top benefits below:

Saves you time.

Time is valuable and every minute a business owner spends creating proposals or estimates is time lost doing other valuable tasks. Estimate how much time you spend weekly interviewing potential clients and creating estimates. Is it 5, 10, or even 20 hours?

Now, think about what you could do instead including marketing your business, building relationships, and completing jobs. These three things are extremely valuable to the bottom line of a cleaning business. Online estimating software gives you this time back and creates more available time for other important areas of your life like spending time with family.

Increases trust in your company.

These days most customers rely on technology and the internet for research, shopping, and many other day to day activities. Customers expect the businesses they work with to also utilize technology because it often makes their lives easier. By using online estimating software, your cleaning business makes getting an estimate easier for customers. This sets you apart from other businesses that still require a phone call or meeting to discuss the project and ask questions.

Capture more leads.

A human attention span is minimal, making it vital that you capture their attention in the first nine seconds they visit your website. Traditionally, cleaning companies direct visitors to fill out a form or call for a quote or appointment. Many customers tend to move onto the next possibility (your competitor) when this is the case because they don’t want to wait. Giving them the opportunity to request a quote online keeps them on your website longer and satisfies their desire for an instant answer.

Increases profitability.

As a business owner, your time should be spent on revenue-generating tasks. Creating estimates is not only time-consuming, but they also pull you away from these revenue generating responsibilities. By using estimating software, business owners are able to spend more time where it matters most and increase profits as a result.  

Creates a tracking system.

The best online estimating software solutions also store contacts giving cleaning business owners an easy way to follow-up and track their leads versus close ratio.

Having the ability to track estimates over time in one system is much more efficient than trying to utilize a paper system or spreadsheet.

Attract more traffic to your website or social media profile.

Building an audience in today’s digital world is vital. However, many cleaning businesses struggle because they don’t have a reason to direct traffic there. By adding online estimating software to your website, it becomes more than a digital brochure and encourages traffic.

If you have questions about whether or not online estimating software is right for your cleaning business, contact the team at Compass Wave.