Create a fast home cleaning estimate

Create a fast home cleaning estimate today!Create a fast home cleaning estimate

How fast can you create an estimate? That’s a question you might hear from prospective customers more than you think. Whether they are telling you that, or saying it in their head before they fill out that cleaning estimate form on your website. Chances are they are already researching other competitors in your area already to provide them with an estimate.  Set yourself apart from other cleaning businesses by having a competitive advantage and create a fast home cleaning estimate today!

The fact is time is valuable these days. Customers want to know the price of something before they even talk to you on the phone. But if you put your prices out there, you are losing out on valuable information that they might actually be willing to provide.

That’s the power of Compass Wave. Our software allows you to not only customize your pricing to be more accurate than ever before. But our maid service software also provides those potential customers the pricing they are looking for and provides your cleaning business details on that prospective customer you might have never previously received with a normal contact form.

Doing an in-home estimate takes time that most of us don’t have as we try to grow our business. Our software take the guess work out of your hands and provides you with valuable information than can help you close more sales for your cleaning business.

Don’t wait to hear “How fast can you create an estimate”, create fast estimates today with Compass Wave! The only residential cleaning software that works seamlessly with your existing website!

Check out our Sample Tool and see just how fast it is to create an estimate today!

Supporting your business one application at a time,

Mark Lane
Compass Wave