How Compass Wave Works

Compass Wave provides Residential Cleaning and Maid Service Companies with the ability to place an online estimation tool on their website. This estimate tool is a valuable way for maid service companies to reach prospective customers. Our Estimating Software makes it easy for the customers of maid service companies to receive an estimate.

The estimate tool can be seamlessly inserted into a maid service company's existing website and it is completely customizable. Cleaning companies can tailor the questions that prospective customers are asked and can even determine how the estimate is calculated. They can also upload their logo, choose a color scheme and set fonts.

Using the estimate tool is a simple process for prospective customers. An individual would first provide the location where the services are to be provided. Then they would confirm or edit details about that location. Next, the prospective customer would answer a few basic questions about the services that they are seeking. Finally, they would need to enter their contact information to receive the estimate. Please see our example estimate tool for more information.

The information about the estimate, as well as the customer's contact information, is immediately e-mailed to the Residential Cleaning Company and stored in Compass Wave's Sales Database. This database provides maid service companies with an online resource to manage their prospective sales. The sales database displays all estimates that have been generated. Cleaning companies can use the sales database to view information about prospective customers and contact prospective customers via phone or e-mail.


Compass Wave offers a no obligation 14 day free trial license. After the free trial period, customers can choose between a month to month license and a one-year license. The month to month license is $50 per month, while the one-year license is $30 per month ($360 due at signup). Compass Wave does not charge any cancellation fees!

Video Tutorials
Online Estimate Tool

Compass Wave is easy to customize for your Residential Cleaning Company. In only a few steps you'll be up and running and will be able to accept Online Estimates!

Check out our Video Tutorials Below and find out how you can easily customize our Online Estimate Tool for your Residential Maid Service Company. In just a few minutes you'll be able to find out how easy it is to place the Online Estimate Tool right on your website and accept Online Estimates in just minutes!

General Overview

Have you ever wanted more information from a customer other than just their contact information? Our Online Estimating Software collects the details you need to provide an accurate estimate for your potential customers in only a few steps. Check out our overview video below on just how easy our Online Estimating Software really is!

How to customize your Pricing information

Compass Wave is a Maid Service Estimating software designed so you can fully customize your pricing depending on how you run your residential cleaning business.

Compass wave offers many ways to price your cleaning jobs. With our flexible choices of questions to our detailed pricing you can't go wrong with Compass Wave.

Watch the video below to see just how easy it is!

Online Sales Database

The Sales section is a list of all prospects that have utilized your estimate tool. You can click on any of these prospects to see more detailed information. You can even view the estimate that was sent to the prospect.

Convert a Prospect into a Customer

In this Tutorial we'll show you how to convert a Prospect into a Customer and view that information in our Online Estimate Tool. With our Online Sales Database, keep track of Prospects and Customers in two different sections.

Calculation PDF

In This Online Tutorial we'll show you how you can break down your Online Estimates and utilize the Calculation PDF to help your estimates be more accurate. The Calculation PDF enables you to evaluate your Questions and Cost Drivers for your Online Estimate Tool.

Online Estimate Tool Appearance

In this online tutorial we'll show you how you can change the Appearance of your Onilne Estimate Tool. We'll also show you how you can update your unique URL as well as embed the Online Estimate Tool directly on your website.

Custom Questions

Our Estimate Tool gives you the power to ask your potential clients questions specific to them.

  • They can affect the estimated price.
  • They personalize the tool, increasing customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Compass Wave?

Compass Wave is a web-based Online Estimate Tool for Residential Cleaning and Maid Service Companies. Compass Wave provides you with an online estimation tool that automatically generates an estimate for prospective customers and provides you with the prospect information. These estimates are gathered in your sales database where your company can manage your prospective customers.

Why use Compass Wave?

Compass Wave's Online Estimation Tool provides your prospective customers with instant access to information that they desire: an estimated cost for the service that you offer. In turn, this online estimation tool provides you with a dynamic and cool way to reach new customers.

This sales tool will allow you to reach more potential customers with less effort. You also have the ability to manage your sales information through Compass Wave.

I do not have a website, can I use Compass Wave?

Compass Wave is especially valuable for companies without a website. Compass Wave will create a "subdomain" that instantly provides a web presence for you (i.e. You can point potential customers to this website and you will begin to get web traffic from customers that have conducted web searches for the service you offer in their local area.

I have a website, should I use Compass Wave?

Compass Wave's online estimation tool can be seamlessly integrated into your existing website. It is as simple as copying and pasting Compass Wave's code into your existing website. The online estimation tool can be tailored to fit your website's color and font and you can even upload your company logo. Compass Wave will work closely with you or your staff to integrate the tool into your existing website.

I am not comfortable with providing an estimate online, should I use Compass Wave?

Compass Wave understands that the best way to develop an estimate for a prospective customer of your service is to speak with them and perhaps visit the prospective customer and/or the location that is being serviced. However, having the ability to provide prospective customers with an ESTIMATED RANGE for your services can open the door for you to move forward with a prospective customer in developing a more precise quote. It is made clear on all online estimates provided to prospective customers that this is only an estimated range. All our estimates have a statement that says, "Note: The prices listed above are estimated based on assumptions about your residence and your service needs. We will be contacting you to make an appointment to walk through your home and provide you with a quote for your desired services." You can also change this statement to fit your company's needs.

How much does Compass Wave cost?

Compass Wave offers a no obligation 14 day free trial license. After the free trial period, customers can choose between a month to month license and a one-year license. The month to month license is $50 per month, while the one-year license is $30 per month ($360 due at signup). Compass Wave does not charge any cancellation fees!

My Business is based in Canada, can i utilize your tool?

Absolutely! We've taylored our tool so that if your business is in Canada, the Zip Code field isn't required. Information in the Estimate Tool will however not be pulled from Zillow even if a zipcode is entered. All of your customers will need to enter the Square Footage, Number of Bedrooms, and Number of Bathrooms themselves. After you sign up go to the Offices portion of the Tool and make sure you select a Canadian Office Location. This will remove the Zip Code validation (which was based on US Zipcodes) from the Estimate Tool.

Check out an example of what the Canadian version of our tool would look and operate like Example Canadian Estimate Tool

Client Testimonials

We launched our product in March of 2010. We look forward to providing you with client testimonials soon.

Client Training

Compass Wave wants to be your partner in growing your business. We will provide customizable training to companies.

Whether your company needs training on how to use our tool or consultation on how to implement our tool into your sales plan, we are here to help.

Please contact us at to receive an estimate for your training.


Compass Wave is your number one Residential Cleaning Software. With Compass Wave you'll have the ability to ask prospective customers questions, and associate those questions with the costs that make up the bottom line of your cleaning company. If you are looking for software that can help you run your Cleaning Business more efficiently, and give you the estimate tools needed to drive prospective customers to your business, then look no further than Compass Wave.

Compass Wave, Online Estimates Made Easy! Our Online Estimate Tool for Maid Service and Residential Cleaning companies allows you to collect the information that's important to your business, and focus on the cleaning of the residential homes, instead of spending countless hours performing in-home estimates. Signing up for our Estimate Tool Software is easy, and only takes a few minutes. We also offer a FREE 14 day trial, so what are you waiting for?

If you own a cleaning company, then you're probably wondering how our Online Estimate tool can help your cleaning business.

Our estimation tool offers cleaning companies the following features:

Residential Cleaning Estimate Tool Software
  • The ability to provide their customers with online estimates.
  • An online sales database that lists their prospective customers.
  • A customizable estimate tool that seamlessly fits into their existing website.
  • Instant email notifications for estimates received.

Check out our pricing and other tutorials listed below to find out how Compass Wave can help your cleaning business today!