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Compass Wave's newest update features a brand new custom questions system! Go to Settings -> Tools, then look to the navigation on the left. You'll see a tab named "Custom Questions".

Find the Custom Questions Tab

It allows you to create custom questions, view the one's you've already created, edit the questions and their cost drivers, and delete questions. Your screen should look something like this:

What the Custom Questions Tab Looks Like

Once you type in your question and description, select your type of question.

  • Number inputs allows the user to type a number. The number they type will be multiplied by your cost driver and added to the total estimate.

    How many children live here?

  • Radio questions let the user see all the options at once while only letting them choose one of them.

    Have you used a cleaning service before?

  • Checkbox questions let your user pick multiple choices, or none at all.

    Pick which additional services you would like.

  • Dropdowns questions are functionally the same as radio questions, but they're more condensed and are optimized for mobile screens.

    Please select which worker you'd like to clean your house.

If you choose a radio, checkbox, or dropdown question, you can choose how each answer affects the total estimate. Clicking one of those options will expand the New Custom Question tab to reveal a form like this:

The Expanded New Custom Question Form

Typing an answer in the Possible Answers field and pressing Enter will put it in the Possible Answers dropdown on the left. Type your cost driver number in the next box, select from the next two dropdowns, and press Add Cost Driver. You'll see it pop up in the Answers box below like this:

An answer in the answers box

Do that for every answer, and press Submit New Custom Question. You'll be redirected to the View Custom Questions Tab, which lets you see every question you've created as well as edit and delete them.

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