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Why should you be doing Online Estimates?

Maid Service Software - Cleaning Supplies ImageIf you own a cleaning business you likely do all of your estimates by visiting the home. This concept seems normal, and the standard for not only cleaning businesses but other types of businesses that perform home services as well. However the concept of homeowners waiting for someone to come to their home to receive an estimate is changing.

Think of Blockbuster Video. Years ago everyone who wanted to watch a movie would make a trip to the local movie box store to pick out a movie. With advancements in technology, and the need for wanting movies on demand this dynamic has drastically changed. Anyone who is interested in a movie would rather purchase or rent the  movie right from the comfort of their own home, instead of venturing out into a box store to pick one out.

This is also true with wanting quotes and prices for other items as well. Potential Customers want the instant satisfaction of know what something costs, and the ability to schedule that repair, service, or purchase that item right away. Think of any online shopping website, or stores that offer purchases online.

So you may ask, Why should you be doing Online Estimates? The answer is simple, a Potential Customer wants to know how much you would charge to clean their home before they even reach out to you in the first place. Potential Customers are going to shop around, and why shouldn’t they? This is a competitive period of time where businesses compete for potential customers. Potential Customers also want the instant satisfaction of know what different companies are going to charge for a home cleaning.

You might also say that you’d rather speak with the customer on the phone to close the sale. With an Online Estimate Tool anytime a Potential Customer goes through the tool you will receive an instant email notification with their contact information (Name, Address, and Phone Number). With this information you can reach out to the Potential Customer directly, and also have access to details of what you might not normally know with a cold call, or without first doing an in-home estimate (Square footage, Number of pets, Number of Bedrooms, Number of Bathrooms, How many times they entertain, and more!).

The Online Estimates might not be for every Potential Customer, but it does target a specific audience. That audience consists of the “Easy People”. This group of people are going to be the ones that utilize the tool and provide you with as many details to get the most accurate estimate possible. So even though not all of your Potential Customers are going to go online to get an estimate, why not atleast reach out to the Potential Customers who will? After all having a few extra homes to clean can only help increase your businesses bottom line, especially if those extra homes are the ones that are easy to schedule, and keep track of through an online estimate program that is always at your finger tips.

Check out our Compass Wave Sample Tool or visit our Online Video Tutorials today to find out more about how Compass Wave can help your Cleaning Company join the others that are on the “Cutting Edge” and don’t let those “Easy People” get away!

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Mark Lane
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