Using Google Analytics to Improve Website Design

Having a website without using an analytics tool is like trying to drive somewhere new without a map or GPS.  There is no way to know where you want to go or how you can get there.
compass wave analyticsAs a business trying to create a web presence or a company just trying to better utilize its existing online presence it is very important to find ways to make improvements.  One way that we at Compass Wave suggest doing this is by using an analytics tool.  An analytics tool is one of the many methods that exist to figure out exactly what your visitors are looking for on our website. Google Analytics is free to use for anyone that has a Google account and is the most commonly used example of such a tool.  Google Analytics is a very user-friendly way to track your visitors’ behaviors. The reports provided by Google Analytics give information on where your visitors came from, what pages they visited, how long they stayed on each page, how deep into the site they navigated, where their visits ended, and where they went after visiting your website.

A great benefit to using a tool such as Google Analytics is that it enables you to make improvements to your website based on your visitors’ behaviors.  For example, when you place the Compass Wave estimate tool on your website you will want to compare how many people utilize the tool compared to how many people visit your website.  By doing this you will maximize design to get the most out of each visit and improve your website efficiency.  While using Google Analytics some objectives to keep in mind are as follows:
    • Track visitor tendencies
    • Track the usage of the main website
    • Track the usage of the estimate tool
    • Determine the efficiency of the website’s menu system
    • Identify ways for improving user experience
  • Establish the most effective way for redesigning the website
One of the best features of Google Analytics is the Site Overlay tool.  This option allows you to view exactly where the visitors to your website are clicking.  Using this feature will assist you in maximizing the design of your website.  The instructions on using the site overlay feature are below:

Log into Google Analytics
Click on “View Report” for the site you wish to view statistics for
A “Dashboard” will be at the top center.
Click on “Content” on the left navigation bar
Click on “Site Overlay”

A window will pop up with the site and % around each link on the site.  This displays the percentage of visitors that click on those particular links when they’re on that page.

Google Analytics is a great tool to use when trying to maximize website efficiency and improve visitor experience.  Follow the link below for video overview of what Google Analytics has to offer.

Please contact us at Compass Wave for assistance in placing your Estimate Tool on your website in order to maximize visitor usage or for help in utilizing the benefits of Google Analytics.