instant estimate for cleaning services


  • Having an online estimating tool helps to screen out those persons who are simply lookie Lou’s or price shoppers. These persons are the ones who would without regret eat up your valuable time and energies by either calling you and asking you question after question or by having you come to their homes to do an in home estimate only to tell you at the end that your pricing is too high for their budgets. They are not the serious shoppers that you want to invest your time and energies into, so allowing them to filter themselves out prior to making personal contact with you in my opinion is of huge value to me as a business owner.

    I love my online estimating tool. It frees me from some of my dead end conversations by pre-screening potential clients. It also captures information so that I can, if I choose; send out information to the person who is comparing on price alone that may sway them in future decisions since my literature expounds upon the fact that comparisons should be based on a multitude of factors and not just on price. It also allows the potential customer to play with and tweak their specifications to see just how those tweaks will affect their costs (add in window washing, take out cleaning the fridge) All in all the potential client who comes to me after using the online estimating tool is presold on services and has proven themselves to be ready to purchase. Thanks Compasswave!

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