How An Online Automation Tool Transforms A Business

Every business has its pain points or inefficiencies that cost time and money. Usually, they are brushed off as “the cost of doing business,” and little is done to address the process by which they are handled. This is a missed opportunity for any business, especially small ones with limited resources, and Compass Wave can help. 

Understanding and solving pain points in a business can free up resources to invest more effectively and catapult it above its competitors.

For all the tasks that need to be done for a business on any given day, the list of applications (apps) needed to complete manual, repetitive tasks can be lengthy. A lot of valuable time can be spent by employees toggling between platforms, entering and reentering usernames and passwords, transferring data, capturing lead information, sending marketing emails, and all the many other tasks necessary to run a business.

It doesn’t have to be that convoluted, though. There is an online automation tool, Zapier, that connects to a business’ apps to streamline repetitive, time-consuming, costly tasks. 

With Zapier in place, data automatically and securely pass to it from multiple apps. Then, Zapier automatically performs actions it is set up to do, like:

  • Follow up on leads promptly
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Complete new customer intake tasks
  • Seek testimonials from customers
  • Visualize data in reporting dashboards
  • Update customer information across multiple platforms

Zapier integrates with more than 5,000 business apps and counting. The tool helps more than 2.2 million businesses worldwide, ranging in size and specialty, to take their business to a new level. Learn more about Zapier at and how it helps companies to spend less time on tasks and more time on strategy for continued growth.

If you are ready to save time and money on those repetitive tasks, check out all Compass Wave offers.