Cleaning Business

How to Increase Your Cleaning Business Profits

A general goal for any cleaning business owner is to make a profit. Unfortunately, simply launching a business with the hopes of finding success is not enough to result in a green bottom line. The best thing a cleaning company can do is create a plan that increases revenues, reduces costs, and ultimately grows their profits.

Whether your cleaning business is a few years or a few months old, there are steps you can implement today to help increase profits.

Implement a referral strategy.

One of the most cost-effective ways to increase cleaning business profits is by gathering new clients via referrals. Be intentional in gathering referrals through conversations with existing customers. Share with them that you are looking to grow your business and would love their help in finding other clients like them. Take it one step further by personally thanking them with a handwritten card or publicly thanking them on your social media profiles. When you show appreciation, existing clients are more likely to continue to recommend your business to others that need cleaning services.

Categorize existing accounts.

In the early stages of starting a business, many cleaning companies focus on quantity. However, not every client is profitable or easy to work with. There comes a time when it is best for a business to review their client list and identify which are ideal clients (the ones you want more like) and which are not profitable or cause more headaches than joy. Removing unprofitable customers from your workload is essential to increasing long-term profits and decreasing stress.

Review your pricing strategy.

Are you charging what your services are really worth? It is tempting to charge low prices to acquire new customers, but it is not always a profitable decision. Review your existing pricing strategy and look for areas to increase fees. If you are worried about losing customers, make sure you read number seven below.

Be responsive to customer needs.

People want to work with businesses that make them feel important. The best way to show that customers are more than a number or line item in your billing is to be attentive. Return calls, check in after services and deliver what you promise to retain customers and remain profitable.

Create systems.

Having established systems for how you run your cleaning business is essential to increasing profits. Systems should include established methods for cleaning a home as well as internal documentation and invoice processing. Having established systems increases overall efficiency and productivity for you and any employees.

Use online estimating software.

Estimating software saves cleaning businesses time that can be used on revenue-generating tasks. Online estimating software allows leads to request and receive quotes instantly online instead of having to wait for you to review the request and manually create a proposal. The faster a cleaning business can respond to a quote request, the more likely you are to gain a new client.

Stop selling on price.

It is tempting to focus on price, but it won’t attract a loyal customer base. Learn to sell on value and worth instead. When customers hire you for cleaning, they gain back time that they can spend on more important areas in their life. When you can focus on what that area is and how the customer’s life will be better, they are more likely to commit and remain loyal.