Compass Wave Moves Forward

Maid Service Software - compass wave redesign 2013

Redesign and now an ARCSI Industry Partner

Compass Wave Moves Forward in 2013. In the past year Compass Wave has gone through a number of changes. As of April of 2012 Compass Wave is now owned by Eco York, LLC, a Web and Software Development Company located in Central Pennsylvania. Since the acquisition, Compass Wave has been revamped and recently went through a re-design. In the re-design we wanted to make it easier to find our Online Tutorials, as well as explain what our product was about right from the landing page. Our Color Scheme was also changed slightly to catch the readers eye and encourage users to dig deeper into what our tool is all about.

After our Redesign we also found it suitable to finally become an ARCSI Industry Partner. As an Industry Partner we wanted to give back to other ARCSI members, and that’s why we are offering 10% off for all ARCSI Members. All a member has to do is browse to our Industry Partners page from the ARCSI Website and obtain an ARCSI discount code. By using this code they’ll receive 10% off, whether that’s for a Monthly Subscription, or a Yearly Subscription. And don’t worry, you can still try our product for 14 days at no obligation. Cancel anytime during the 1st 14 days and you’ll have no charges applied to your account.

In 2013 Compass Wave is going to continue to grow and Move Forward. Stay tuned for further developments in our product, and how we continue to help the Cleaning Industry as well as other Service Based Industries.

Supporting your business one application at a time,

Mark Lane
Compass Wave